hazready The original purpose of the HazReady project was to assess the feasibility and efficacy of online group simulations to enhance Hazardous Waste Worker / Emergency Responder Health and Safety Training. After successful prototype development inXsol was funded to design and deploy additional features for HazReady including assessment tools, additional authorable simulation scenarios, content templates, and instructor workflow tools. This effort will lead to commercialization of the blended learning platform. The use of HazReady by training organizations will allow individuals to attain more experience in multiple roles at typical incidents and work sites – repetition and engagement enhances learning and retention. HazReady increases access to innovative training for the worker population and better positions training organizations to serve their clients with relevant simulation scenarios.


commandPlan CommandPlan is focused on the use of scenario-based simulation training enabling learners to develop and practice identification, response, coordination, and communication skills in individual, team or facilitated training sessions. The product can also support the use of collaborative tools as a conduit for design and delivery of new scenarios that can readily be scripted to support emerging or local needs. For this project, training scenario have been created using an existing low-cost computer-based simulation tool developed by inXsol.



ExposureTrack® is an early stage development project funded by the NIH. ExposureTrack® can provide alternative support for the Emergency Responder Health Monitoring and Surveillance (ERHMS) can supplement ERHMS adoption through a “bottom up” deployment strategy. inXsol prototyped, demonstrated and evaluated ExposureTrack® as a flexible device agnostic tool equipping individual response workers with a personal health tracking, biosensor integration, and surveillance service. This project has the potential to create a significant opportunity for hazardous worker training community to help increase the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and context of training.

Blue Card®

bluecardThe Blue Card Command Certification Program is a state of the art fire service incident command training and certification system that teaches Fire Company and Fire Command Officers how to standardize local incident operations across their organization. The program uses a combination of online and in-class simulation training which results in an Incident Commander solution that finally addresses local Hazard Zone operations. inXsol developed the online training and technical infrastructure for Blue Card and remain a partner in ongoing maintenance and future development.