Startup Weekend

October 2008 – Phoenix, Arizona inXsol sponsors Startup Weekend along with Microsoft, Infusionsoft, Gangplank, Integrum, JumpBox and Stealthmode. Set Academy…

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Arizona Republic

October 2008 – Phoenix, Arizona Andrew Johnson of the Arizona Republic reports on inXsol’s sponsorship of the Startup Weekend in…

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AmericaWest In Flight Magazine

September 2002 – Phoenix, Arizona inXsol is featured in October’s America-West-Article GAZEL – the Global Arizona E-Learning organization and Francine…

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Business Journal

March 2001 – Phoenix, Arizona inXsol’s e-learning technologies are spotlighted in a Business Journal article. inXsol’s e-learning management system is…

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Fortune Magazine

December 2000 – Phoenix, Arizona inXsol technology that powers end to end e-learning is applied to an E-Commerce fulfillment solution….

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Aviation Week

January 2000 – Phoenix, Arizona inXsol co-presents the AlliedSignal Virtual Academy vision featuring distance learning technologies. Honeywell Aerospace Academy

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